10 Super Martial Arts Exercises

10 Super Martial Arts Exercises

There are many ways to strengthen the core and body while you practice martial arts. Flying knees or spinning elbows are just a few of the many exercises you can do. To improve your overall fitness, you can also weightlift or run. Here are 10 super martial arts exercises. Let’s get started! 1. Running and rowing

Ten super martial arts exercises

There are many ways to increase your strength and cardiovascular health, whether you’re a karateka or just looking for a way to get in shape. You can train with spinning elbows and flying knees, or you can use simple, safe exercises to get your heart pumping. There are some super martial arts exercises that can be done no matter what you are trying to achieve. These exercises will increase your strength and endurance, as well as your stamina.


Martial Arts can include weightlifting. This can help best mma gym Melbourne your kicks, punches, etc. These exercises will target your upper, lower, and core. These workouts help you focus your training on recovery techniques, visualization, as well other aspects such as martial arts training. Here are some of our most popular weightlifting moves for Martial Arts. Continue reading to find out more.


A rowing machine can be a powerful tool to improve endurance and athletic performance. These workouts offer many benefits, including weight loss and increased cardiovascular capacity. The rowing machine simulates the cardio power required for fighting and is ideal for building stamina as well as endurance. They are also ideal for reducing impact on joints, which is essential in MMA. Rowing machines can also help fighters recover from fights by developing anaerobic threshold.


Martial arts include a variety if physical exercises to improve cardiovascular health and strength. They are an excellent way to cross-train while training. Many students can benefit from the agility and quick thinking required for this physical activity. A great cross-training option is parkour, which can be used in conjunction with martial arts. Many martial arts include running components that can be combined to give a total workout. Martial arts also improves mental health, as you must learn to control your body’s center of gravity.

Suicide drills

The suicide drill is one of the best exercises for speed and agility in martial arts. Also known as shuttle runs, this drill involves sprinting to line markers or cones at progressively larger distances. For example, a forward suicide would be sprinting to a 5 yard line and then back to the start point. A back suicide would be sprinting back to the start point and then sprinting to a 10 yard line. It is important to note, however, that any type of suicide should be done under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor.


Push-ups, which are one of the most basic exercises for bodyweight, are a great way to strengthen your core and arms. Unfortunately, not everyone can do push-ups. You can modify push-ups to make it easier for beginners. Instead of performing push-ups on your toes, you can perform them on your knees or in a higher position.


Sit ups are a fun exercise that can work your entire body. These calisthenics exercises are especially enjoyable for martial artists such as Bruce Lee. These exercises not only condition your leg muscles but also strengthen your abdominal muscle. But if you’re not in good shape, these exercises can be very difficult.

Reactive pad work

Reactive pad work in martial art exercises has many benefits. This training mimics boxing movements and improves your body position and balance. To mimic a pad, you can also use a foamstick to improve your peripheral vision. It can also be used for improving punches from all angles. It’s a great addition to squats or other traditional boxing exercises. Reactive pad work is beneficial regardless of the style of martial art you practice.

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