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Realme U1 (4GB RAM, 64GB Storage)

Selling Price


MRP: ₹15499.00 (Margin 35%)

Samsung Galaxy M30 (Gradation Black, 4+64 GB)

Selling Price


MRP: ₹19999.00 (Margin 22%)

Samsung Galaxy J8 (Gold, 64GB)

Selling Price


MRP: ₹19990.00 (Margin 36%)

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core (Black, 8 GB) (1

Selling Price


MRP: ₹5990.00 (Margin 15%)

Samsung Galaxy M20 (4+64GB)

Selling Price


MRP: ₹13390.00 (Margin 1%)

Samsung Galaxy M20 (3+32GB)

Selling Price


MRP: ₹11290.00 (Margin 14%)

Samsung Galaxy M10 (3+32GB)

Selling Price


MRP: ₹9290.00 (Margin 13%)

Samsung Galaxy M10 ( 2+16GB)

Selling Price


MRP: ₹9290.00 (Margin 12%)

Redmi 6A (Black, 2GB RAM, 16GB

Selling Price


MRP: ₹6999.00 (Margin 16%)

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